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More /sell items that come from spawner mobs.#46

Spawners for some oneblock servers (atlantis/forest/space) cost $1,000,000 each. Most spawners in their current state have no value. The only spawners with actual value would be iron golem and vindicator. Others such as witch, blaze, sheep, etc. could have some value for giving you essential building blocks or higher XP. However there are many like skeleton, creeper, spider, enderman, etc. that do not really have value on oneblock, to my knowledge you can’t sell gunpowder, bones, spider eyes, string, enderpearls, etc. which give the spawner in return no value. If some sort of reasonable value was given for these items it would give these spawners an actual purpose other than just XP farming.

24 days ago

The only issue with this is if you give hostille mob drops a ‘value’ people would do nothing but farm mob drops.

Also same argument could be said about logs. Why cant i sell oak logs in /sell? or jungle, or dark oak? there are a lot of things we cant sell for reasons we dont understand.

23 days ago

Completely understand @Brent smith, my only argument to that would be that farming logs is free. I could build a cobblestone platform, plant hundreds of trees and farm them within a few hours. Depending on the price of a log I could make hundreds off of 1 giant spruce tree.

The difference is that a mob spawner costs 1 million $, meaning a player would have to aqquire a decent chunk of cash before buying multiple. At that point what are the odds a player pulls 5 creeper spawners back to back? And what are the odds that gun powder is in the shop every 3 days? I dont think that it would impact the economy anymore than people building massive farms, or people farming vindicator spawners all day for emeralds. Staff just needs to find a balanced price that seems fair compared to other drops currently in the shop.

23 days ago

Yeah finding that balance would be the problem. Most things go for 10-20% of thier buy value. There are some exceptions kike emeralds with it like 1%. So they would oractilically be useless/worthless. Blaze rods are worth more to players than they would be in /sell anyways.

23 days ago

Also it would still encourage more mob farming. Which people already do to a great extent as it is… People don’t really manually farm for stuff. We should encourage that not discourage that.

23 days ago

As of right now, people are basically doing nothing but farming vibdis and waiting for ems in sell. Its sad. And you guys want more in /sell? Space is just about who has the most vindi spawners rn

15 days ago